Monday, August 14, 2006

Perhaps ,, Perhaps ,, Perhaps

You won't admit you love me.And so
how am I ever to know?
You only tell me
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
A million times I ask you,
And then
I ask you over again.
You only answer
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
If you can't make your mind up,
We'll never get started.
And I don't wanna wind upBeing parted, broken-hearted.
So if you really love me,
Say yes.
But if you don't, dear, confess.
And please don't tell me
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


المزاجنجي said...

انت بس ابقى اقفل الشباك قبل ما تنام وربنا هايكرمك ولو عندك بخور اتبخر مش عيب الحسد مذكور برضة دي عين وغين ولام الف كمان وصابتك يا سيد العاقلين شرفتنا يا خويا هو كان في ايه ؟

...دنيتي said...

انا بعشق الأغنية دي
بموووووووت فيهاوبحب
doris day
لو عاوز اغاني ليها انا عندي عدد لا بأس بيه من اغانيها :)))))

placebo said...

it's truly touching ... I hope you share some other oldies .. but next time add a link to the song:).